Department of Sciences and Social Sciences for nursing is devoted for providing thorough basic knowledge on different disciplines under basic sciences and social sciences related to nursing, including,   Human Anatomy and Physiology, Biochemistry, Microbiology and Social Sciences allied with nursing education, by offering course units along with practical experience to all the first year undergraduates entering the faculty for perusal of four year B.Sc degree program in nursing. Moreover, the department is playing a significant role in conducting and promotion of nursing research.


Academic Staff

Prof. Anushka S. Elvitigala

Head of the Department
B.Sc (Colombo). M.Sc, PhD (JNU, Rep. of Korea)

Prof. G A S Premakumara
BSc, PhD, Dip(Psy), MIChemC, MIBiol, CChem,CBiol, FIBiol.

Dr. M. D. Thilina Lakmini Gunathilaka
Senior Lecturer Gr-II
B.Sc (Special) in Human Biology (USJP), PhD (USJP)

Ms. D L N L Ubhayawardana
Lecturer – Unconfirmed
B.Sc (Special) in Human Biology (SJP), M. Phil (SJP)

Mr. Thimira Amarasinghe
Lecturer (Probationary)
RN,B.Sc (Hons) in Nursing (UoP)

Dr. Achala Kalamadasa 
B.Sc (Colombo), PhD (USJP)

Senior Lecturer Gr II


Non Academic Staff

Mrs. W.Madhavi Nandaprema

Technical Officer

Mr. Gayan Muhandiram

Technical Officer

Mrs. Shakila Buddhini

Lab Attendant

Mrs. Nadeesha Kumarasinghe

Lab Attendant