The Degrees

The Faculty of Nursing of the University of Colombo offers four year degree  in Bachelor of  Science in Nursing  (B.ScN), of a standard equivalent to Sri Lanka Qualification Framework (SLQF) Level 6.

Clinical experience

Students entering Faculty of Nursing  of the University of Colombo have the opportunity of  engage in clinical training at selected government and semi-government General Hospitals in the country, to fulfill their clinical practices..

Devoted teaching and research faculty

For the smooth conduct of the academic programmes, the Faculty of nursing of the University of Colombo has well qualified multidisciplinary staff devoted for teaching and research, under the overall management of a very experienced senior academic as the Dean of the Faculty.

Students will have the opportunity of learning from the experts; engage in basic and clinical research and to innovate. In addition, experts in specialized areas will be invited outside the Faculty, giving the students a wide exposure in different fields in health care.