Advanced Certificate In Health Research

Offered by the Department of Basic Sciences and Social Science for Nursing - Faculty of Nursing , University of Colombo

Deadline :  31st of March 2024 30th April 2024

This course will be based on two main components, namely concepts of research methodology and research related information technology. Under research methodology, theories concepts of both qualitative and quantitative research methodologies will be included. As for the research related information technology, use of different applications used in research by best outpatient rehab in georgia (Ex: Data collection, Data analysis, Citation and referencing, etc.), handling of web data bases and effective utilization of internet and other online resources will be included. Once a student completes the course successfully, he/ she will gain the ability to design and conduct research projects and they will gain the ability to follow advance knowledge in the field of health research.

This proposed course will be a good educational qualification for nurses and allied health professionals as this course will be designed following the recommendations of Sri Lanka Qualification Framework (SLQF).

  • Qualifier: Advanced Certificate in Health Research
  • Abbreviation: AdvCert (Health Research)
  • Level: SLQF 2 (Equivalent to NVQ level 4)


Should have passed all the subjects (Except General common test and general English) of GCE Advanced Level (GCE A/L) examination in any stream on a single attempt.


Should be a health care professional who is currently employed in a healthcare institute


Should be a student who is currently following a diploma, higher diploma, bachelors, bachelors’ honors, or master’s degree in nursing or allied health sciences


an academic who specialized in a health care related discipline


This course will be a 6-month part-time course which will be conducted on every Saturday from  9 AM to 4 PM via online platforms.


RS: 35,000/=

  • Application fee: 2000.00
  • Registration fee: 3000.00
  • Course tuition fee: 30,000.00



On successful completion of Advanced Certificate course in Health Research, the learner should be able to;

  1. Identify the significance of health research in fields of nursing and allied health sciences
  2. Identify the basic research designs commonly used in health research
  3. Identify the importance of ethics in health research
  4. Develop a research question based on an identified research problem
  5. Select an appropriate research design for a selected research problem
  6. Identify appropriate study tools.
  7. Identify sampling methods and sample size according to the type of study
  8. Use of basic data analytical techniques
  9. Use selected software related to health research
  10. Use the knowledge on information technology effectively in research and publication process
  11. Present the results of research to conference or journal
  12. Practice research as a part of the relevant health profession and refer to advance research knowledge


Module Proposed Content
1.     Introduction to Health Research ·       An overview of the health research methodology

·       Ethics in health research

·       Information technology in Health Research (Practical)

2.     Research designs – Different approaches ·       Identification and building up the research problem

·       Literature review with information technology

·       Selection of research designs

·       Use of online data bases and tools in designing of a research project (Practical)

·       Development of a research proposal

3.     Handling of data ·       Data collection

·       Using information technology in data collection (Practical)

·       Data analysis

·       Tools in data analysis (Practical)

4.     Writing research reports ·       Introduction to scientific writing

·       Presentation of research findings

·       Using reference managing tools

·       Journal publications or conference presentation

5.     Research critique ·       Critiquing quantitative, qualitative, and mixed method papers



For more inquires please contact

Dr. Thilina Gunathilaka