As students of the University of Colombo, students enrolled in the Faculty of Nursing  are entitled to all sport and recreation facilities of the University of Colombo main campus.There is a ‘Physical Education Unit’ that has been set up in the main campus to develop and enhance

student skills in sports. This unit is housed within the Student Center in the top floor of the Gymnasium.The Unit has a Director and three Physical Education Advisers. The unit also provides coaching and necessary facilities in many different sports. These include Badminton, Volleyball, Football, Elle, Tennis,Basketball, Hockey, Netball, Swimming, Table Tennis, Weight Lifting, Cricket, Rowing, Rugger,Wrestling, Chess and Athletics.

Student Societies Number of different student societies with various scopes are available in the University of Colombo. If the society is not limited in its scope to a particular Faculty or Department, the membership is open to all students of the University of Colombo. facilities become available the students are encouraged to use the facilities in the main Campus.