Higher Degrees (MPhil / PhD Programs)

Master Of Philosophy/Doctor Of Philosophy (MPhil/PhD) 2023 SLQF Level 11/12

Application procedure

The Faculty of Nursing offers research based MPhil and PhD degrees in various disciplines related to nursing and other health sciences including health related basic sciences. The research projects leading to MPhil or PhD are supervised by qualified academics of the faculty. In case of multidisciplinary research joint supervision will be arranged based on the nature of the project from among other academics within in the faculty or else from national or international collaborators. The MPhil and PhD research programmes are designed in such a way that the candidate could carry out the research by registering full-time or part-time basis. Students registered as an internal student will carry out a major part of the work at the University of Colombo whereas those who register as an external candidate would do the work at an external collaborating institution. In the case of an external student, at least one supervisor must be from the Faculty of Nursing of the University of Colombo. Applications are entertained throughout the year for MPhil and PhD research degrees. Therefore, students can register at anytime if funding for the research is available from any sources.

Fields of Research
The postgraduate programmes consist of research in a specified field under the guidance of a supervisor/s from following departments of faculty of nursing based on the expertise of the respective supervisors. However, those who wish to register on specific field of research related to health sciences, the higher degree committee ensures to find an expert from the respective discipline from collaborating academics/institutions within Sri Lanka or overseas.

Department of Basic Sciences and Social Science
Department of Fundamentals of Nursing
Department of Clinical Nursing

Graduate Advisors
Each department has Graduate advisors to guide postgraduate students expecting to register for MPhil/PhD programmes and direct them for research programs that are available in respective departments. Director of Higher Studies of the faculty is responsible for general advises on
PG Diploma/MSc/MPhil/PhD registration. For specific inquiries the students should contact the graduate advisor of each department in which the student is planned to register.

List of Graduate Advisors
Director of Higher Studies
– Prof.S.S.P. Warnakulasuriya
Department of Basic Sciences and Social Science
– Dr.G.A.S.Premakumara
[Contacts: sirimal@dss.cmb.ac.lk / 0777316563]


Guidelines for Registration – Admission Requirements
All candidates must satisfy the following minimum requirements
• An MSc degree from a recognized university or
• A BSc Honours/ Special Degree from a recognized university in the relevant area of study or
• A BSc General Degree from a recognized University with courses/subjects relevant to the area of study or
• Any other relevant qualifications acceptable to the University of Colombo


Structure of MPhil/PhD Degree
MPhil Degree:
Minimum period of study
Full time: Two years for full time candidates
Part time: Three years for part time candidates
Deadline for completion of the Degree: Five years for full time candidates
Seven years for part time candidates

PhD Degree:
Minimum period of study
Full time: Three years for full time candidates
Part time: Five years for part time candidates
Deadline for completion of the Degree: Seven years for full time candidates
Nine years for part time candidates


MPhil/PhD Research:
The MPhil/PhD research will be conducted in the respective field/s under the supervision of a supervisor/supervisors. The progress of the research will be assessed at the end of each year on a progress evaluation programme by the Faculty. All candidates will be initially registered for an MPhil Degree which would be upgraded to a PhD upon the completion of two years of research work and if the student has published either one scientific paper or two scientific abstracts based on the research work. Guidelines for the Thesis Relevant guidelines are given in the links listed below. Adherence to the standards given will ensure the quality of all theses is both uniform and appropriate to the value placed upon them by the scientific community. Also, adherence will ensure that the thesis is in a form that can be reproduced for distribution to examiners and deposited in the library as a permanent document.